I’m Fred Mills. Thank you for wishing to learn more about me. In real life that’s the last thing most people want to do. A dear friend of mine and ex wife said blogging might be good for my mental health, so here I am. Over time you’ll be able to learn more about me by reading the blog on my homepage, but I’ll talk a little about myself here, too.

tools for appliance mechanics

I served as a mechanic in the Marines, fixing damaged vehicles during operations, but I don’t want to talk about that. Today I fix appliances during normal weekday hours and life is good. I’m prone to anger and stress out easily despite my military training, and I was actually told by my superiors that I should probably end my service as soon as I could so I don’t stress out too much and age faster. That’s why I’m here today.

I love the USA and never plan to move. This is my home and I’m a proud patriot. I started this blog for many reasons besides just as a means to vent and rant about what’s disturbing my mind. Since I’m a pro appliance repair mechanic I hope to share some cool tips about the trade for young apprentices who are just getting started.

I hope that if you decide to follow my blog that you can put up with my rants. There’s no telling what kind of topics this grumpy dude might start ranting about…