Why I Got Sick Of Being A Car Mechanic And Started Fixing Appliances

Being a mechanic in the Marines was stressful, and I’ve never been quite the car lover. I chose the job for similar reasons many people do when they join an army. Growing up in group homes I had little options. When I finished my service in the Marines I decided I’d never work on cars or hummers again. Instead, I had to find another way to use my mechanic skills and that’s how I became an appliance technician. Of course, other options were presented to me like HVAC and carpentry, but I find working with appliances peaceful. I never suffered from flashbacks or PTSD but when working with gas appliances I do get a flash in the face sometimes, but that’s nothing compared to fixing hummers while missiles are flying over your head and machine guns are going off.


I don’t plan to blog too much about my experience in the Marines because I want to leave that past behind, but you knowing the fact that I did serve in the Marines may help you to understand where I’m coming from here.

So welcome to my blog. If you want to know more I have an about page, and I hope you visit again soon!