Say Hello To My Dog, Charlie!

I love my dog a lot. I named him after my great grandpa who I never met because he died as a young man in World War One. My great grandpa was a good man, I heard, and so is my dog, Charlie. I’ve had him seemingly for as long as I can remember and sometimes he goes out in the truck with me to repair appliances. He gets along well with everyone he meets but sometimes licks people too much, maybe because I like it when he licks me. Is that weird? I just know it’s how he kisses me.

my dog

Strangely enough though, despite how friendly he is, he prefers to sleep by himself in a different room. I can’t complain about that though, except for when I’m cold, because at least I don’t have to clean dog hair from my bed.

If you have a dog and you’re reading this, I wish they could meet. I feel bad because I’m so busy all the time and Charlie doesn’t get to meet many other dogs. So now when he does he gets way too over excited and other owners get scared. I have to tell them he’s friendly and not to worry. The worst he will do is bark and wag his tale, perhaps run in circles around dogs he likes and sniff them. But the over-excitement is intimidating for people who are used to calm, behaved dogs. He usually doesn’t bark unless there’s another animal. He loves to bark and scare birds away.

My 4 favorite things about Charlie are:

  1. His friendly personality.
  2. His soft black coat.
  3. His loyalty.
  4. His name.

The definition of “dog” on Wikipedia says that they are “the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore” and I have to say that’s not surprising. Dogs came from domesticated wolves thousands of years ago and even despite how much I love my truck and my appliance repair tools he’s still my best friend. A friend of mine is taking care of puppies Charlie begot so I’ll have his breed in my family for as long as I live, and even when he’s gone I’m going to continue the name “Charlie” in my family, expect there will be Charlie 2, Charlie 3, etc.

Well, thank you for meeting my dog. I think he likes you, and I hope you didn’t mind his licks. Feel free to check back on my blog for more posts. I hope to keep writing over the Christmas holidays as I get more time off work. Bye for now!