Ranting About Public Panic to COVID-19

I think it’s a good thing people are worried, but I also think the wrong people are worried too much about COVID-19. My grocery store here at home is empty of all products because people are panicking and filling their larders up like preppers. I say leave it up to the experts to panic and if you’re just a dad or mom living a normal life then do what you can to stop the virus from spreading but there’s no need to take the worrying into your own heart. There are professionals paid to worry about this and there’s nothing we can do except help to stop the spreading.

silver lining of covid-19

I’m hoping to do my share in helping to lessen the amount of worry with this blog post. You might be like me and see people overreacting everywhere you go. COVID-19 is not the plague. It’s like any other flue. The flue kills people every year. Malaria is still more of a threat. Or that disease that ticks give you. I’m not saying go about your lives as if nothings happening, because that would be delusional. But just have some hope. There’s a silver lining to this all that I want to share.

Have you read any positive press about how nations who a month ago were bickering are now working together? Not that we should need a pandemic to help us work together more, but nations are organizing and speaking together in ways that reminds me of us all coming together to fight off an alien invasion or something. It’s incredible!

Not only are countries working together on this but institutions are creating relationships with government officials as universities and hospitals seek advice and instruction from the government. This is people working together and now after seeing what we can do to stop a virus from spreading I believe we have all it takes to solve our world problems. If only global warming was as much in our faces as COVID-19 then we might work together like this to stop pollution. With this power to unite under pressure the human race can bend and move like water to conquer any problem. If you still need help seeing this silver lining then reach out to me and let’s debate. Seeing more points of view on this issue is very healthy even if you don’t agree with me, and so I’d love to see your point of view on this, so long as it’s not “the world is ending!”

Think about how positive it is to see the world respond together as one like an ant colony under threat. We unite under pressure and I’m so grateful to behold it!