California Dreams: Learning from Appliance Repair Modesto, CA, USA

My visit to California after the New Years was quite informative. First of all, I met up with some happy folks who also find love in fixing appliances. Visiting Modesto, California, USA has always been a back-burner dream, but a dream of mine nonetheless. And now that dream has come true with good results to show for it.

My uncle Larry lives in Modesto and we never used to get a long well until we watched the movie Apocalypse Now together. He actually fought and lived through the Vietnam War so that’s his favorite movie even though he complained about a lot of inaccuracies in it. Now he’s just glad to be living the California dream. I tried to understand what the California dream meant to him, but only learned what it means to me.

To me, the California dream is doing what you love; so in my case that’s providing appliance replacement parts for commercial businesses and fixing kitchen dishwashers for lovely people. If you still don’t know why appliance repair services saved my life, then read this post. But to continue with the narrative here, indeed, the California dream, at least for me in Modesto, was spending time with like-minded people and sharing stories of the past.

modesto ca

In downtown Modesto, I met up with some boys from a local appliance repair company there. These guys were not what I was expecting when I first talked to them over the phone. They work for a reputable company named Appliance Repair Modesto and were very prim, glib and political. It seemed to me they could have been lawyers if they wanted to. Then again, I used to be a soldier so maybe my judgment of intelligence is misconstrued.

I took my time with them, talking about how great it is to be an appliance technician and we shared a few insider secrets back and forth which will hopefully help our businesses. I’ll never forget my time with them for one major reason: they were happy…

So in a turtle shell that sums up what the California dream means to me, doing whatever makes you happy. So long as it’s not homicide or breaking the speed limit, doing what makes you happy is something people in Modesto, CA seem to have down better than most people in the USA.

Don’t believe me? Just go there yourself!