The Power of Memory

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today. I’m not usually one to sit in a chair with my eyes closed and meditate on human nature but today I was doing that. I was seated with my eyes closed for nearly a few hours just thinking about the power of memory. Imagine a world where there was no memory! People don’t stop taking it for granted once it starts to go away, like everything else. But my memory is still great and for the first time in my life I was overwhelmingly grateful for it.

Without my profound memory, I could not have shared such stories like my fishing trip in Gresham OR or my times as a kid living the marine life. With my memory I’m able to turn a two hour session of sitting in a chair into a cinematic experience through my past.

Memory allows us to remember who we love, all the things we’ve learned in books. We would not be able to have a favorite color yet alone a permanent opinion without it. That’s how powerful it is, and it affects every aspect of our lives.

Wow, memory is so powerful. I’m glad we all get to take this time to be grateful for it today!